Feb 6, 2009

Seven Pounds

We have been wanting to watch a movie since the week started but the movies at the mall are all crappy. And I mean 5-cinemas-with-3-showing-low-budget-shit-plus-one-Filipino-movie crappy.

Filipino movies suck! PERIOD! And yes, pun intended. From the shitty titles to the storyline to the cinematography to the actors to the acting to the effects. Everything! The whole Filipino movie scene (and TV) is a joke. If the story isn't ripped off, its been played out. Plus the actors... they keep on using the same ones again and again. The bad thing is they keep on using actors who cant even act. It seems like they pick out some good looking (sometimes not even) kid from no where, and without even proper training force them to act, sing and dance. this is evident in all the noon time variety shows and Filipino Tele-novelas.

I think the only Filipino movies that deserve to be played in the cinemas are the ones from the Indie scene. The ones with, substance, originality and creativity. Or just go to CCP to watch a play. Its way better than forcing yourself to sit through crap. Trust me, I watched ISKUL BUKOL during the recent Manila Film Festival out of curiosity. I thought it was gonna be good because its the first time I considered watching a Filipino movie. I'M NEVER DOING IT AGAIN! EVER!
Don't hate, you know its true! FIX IT!

Ive strayed so far from topic that I hardly remember what it is. Haha!

Ok, SEVEN POUNDS... We actually just settled for it because it was the most decent one, and because Friday is movie night, we had to pick. All I knew about it was it was a drama, and I don't watch dramas. I'm an action, thriller, fantasy, adventure, sci-fi type of girl. But the movie was great. It started out as confusing then it all became clear towards the end. The movie was not really long but it seemed like it because its story progressed very slowly. I spent 3/4 of the movie in a state of confusion before I understood the whole thing. Will Smith's acting was very good too, He always had a very unsure look in all of his scenes, as if something was bothering him, holding him back. And its for good reason, which was explained in the end. I don't really wanna spoil it for those who haven't seen it so thats all im saying.

All in all I enjoyed it. I even cried because it was so touching. Marq turned to look at me just as tears were dripping down my face. Hes annoying. He laughed. I am forever gonna be teased by him. Haha! Watch it!


Royal said...

Hey millc, have you heard of the movie called Tribu?

MILLC said...

Yup i have. That movie is really nice. its in the indie movie category and was never really big here. a couple of my friends are actually in the cast. :)