Feb 8, 2009

LDP Album Launch

We left for The Fort last night because Marquiss was supposed to open for LDP at club called Jaipur. Got there just in time, but to our surprise there was another event happening in the same venue. I am not really the clubbing type. I hate sweaty people in my personal space, skanky girls who wear little to nothing, the snotty people at the door and bouncers. There were so many people in the club who did not even know what was going on. I think they were mostly underage too (I even herd someone in the crowd say "I think they're having a showdown"). Haha! They were playing trance music inside the club when its supposed to be LDP's album launch.
I don't mind going to clubs if its to support friends who do music but last night was different. LDP's launch was supposed to start at 9:30pm and end at 2:30am, but that obviously did not happen. They rented out the club at those times which means that the club shouldn't have scheduled another event at the same time. None of the performers opening for them were able to go on stage that night. LDP was supposed to perform prolly around 9 songs but instead they got to do only 1 song and then they were cut off by the club owners only because there were a lot of people who came for the other event. I think thats very disrespectful. I feel bad for LDP... its the worst thing that could happen during your album launch. The owners of Prince of Jaipur are some greedy ass mother f*****s!

Still, props to LDP and their new album!
Click HERE for more pictures from the launch.


derangedpoet said...

Thank you so much! :) Peace, love and respect. LDPeace!

bp said...

another place using hiphop to make money. they used to be food what happened to all the indians lol