Mar 23, 2009

The Community LIVE MIxtape

Here's one for the avid local hiphop fan. Summer wouldn't be complete without The Community. Unfortunately, we won't be doing it this year. We want y'all to miss us for minute, organizing an event like this for the past 3 years has definitely been one of our greatest achievements as a scene. Thank you to you, and to the people who came and supported each one of them the past 3 years. Here's a mixtape of live performances from The Community 2 and Fete De La Musique circa 2007 which includes tracks by Peoples Future, Dcoy, Sinag, Diwata, Los Indios Bravoz, Audible, RonThug, PKSO, Nathan J and more! Unfortunately, we didn't put Chrizo jokes in this CD, maybe next time! The Community 1 CD will be out sooner or later. Hehehe, I know its been awhile as well but we'll keep you posted. Don't forget there's also a DVD of it pending.

For the people who've attended The Community show, do share your stories to the people who haven't been to one. Enjoy these songs, we are actually putting you infront of these artists as they perform for you. Feel the energy and hear The Community.

Mar 16, 2009

Musikko Mania

The Musikko event turned out great! I really enjoyed the night.

Mar 8, 2009

Come Out, Come Out!

March 14, Sat – Hip Hop
It’s a Saturday; a rest day for most of them but not you. You’re not resting because Marquiss, NimbusNine, Hottnix, PhD, Sinag/Godswill, People’s Future, Mike Swift & Corporate LoFi will make sure you rack up your rhymes and reverberate to Hip Hop Night. Seriously great, fusion hip-hop is happenin in 19East at Sucat.