Feb 5, 2009

My First Official XBOX 360 game!!!

I finally got myself a game for my XBOX360. I bought me an XBOX during my recent trip to L.A. last November. Since I got back home, Ive been contemplating weather or not I want to have my system converted. And I have finally reached a decision... NOO WAY! I don't want the xbox live feature to be put to waste. So I've been borrowing games from Marq but unfortunately he has a Japanese xbox, and the only thing I could borrow from him was Call of Duty 2. I could have bought me some games but I kept on putting it off because I been splurging on other stuff. haha! So this afternoon Marq got me Bully, a game which he highly recommends.

Bully is from the same maker of of Grand Theft Auto. In the game you play 15 year old Jimmy Hopkins, a juvenile delinquent who is sent to Bullworth Academy boarding school.

Kinda reminds me of myself when i was a bully in highschool..hehe

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