Dec 1, 2008

Gone For A Month

Ok, so my posts on here have long been due cause I've been super busy for the past month. I left Manila on October 30 and ever since then i been living on the couch of my cousin's house. my flight back home is on December 2 but I arrive on the 4th due to the time difference. Overall, my vacation here has been amazing! I visited states on the east and west coasts of the country. i saw all the relatives that i wanted to see.. got me all the cool stuff i wanted! Shopped till i dropped... now i only have 4 dollars in my wallet. haha! it was worth it. i was able to get everyone "pasalubongs". I came here on a mission, to find a school or to find work. I found a nice school to continue my studies on art. Everyone here has been forcing me to extend my stay. I could have done that but i decided to just go home. Although it was fun, I just couldn't help but miss my family, Mark, my house my bed! Plus i just want to spend Christmas in manila. Theres no place like home...

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