Oct 16, 2008

What Turbulence has in store for you

(1st week November)

1. Three Kings - *
God's Will, Nimbus 9 & Mike Swift *

Three of the most recognizable, illest and realest emcees you will ever hear. You have seen them do their thing in shows. You admire them. And now, you get to hear al of them in one LP. Listen to the chemistry of the three emcees and they will definitely earn more your respect and start calling them "Kings".

(November 2008)

2. G.R.A.E. - Marquiss and Chrizo

An album that is one of the most anticipated lyrically and production-wise. 17 tracks deep, take a listen to the insights and stories of one of the sickest emcees in the game today, Marquiss, and the timeless and classic beats behind the album, Chrizo. Marquiss is your favorite rapper's favorite emcee. Marquiss said it best: "Me and Chrizo, the new Nas and Primo".

(Last week of December)

3. Thinking Man's HiphopChrizo

This all original album (to be sold at mixtape price!) will surely give you your money’s worth. 17 tracks of pure fire, real hiphop music cooked in the lab and blessed with Chrizo’s touch. This just goes to show how hard the man has been working, all work and no play. In terms of beats and studio work ethic, no one can touch Chrizo. Listen to the album’s first single, Killastormz’s “Ms. Musika”, and you’ll definitely feel the vibe and ask for more.

(April 2009)

4. Gold BarzA.M.P. * Aero., Marquiss, Phd *

A “mixtape king” from the City of Smiles. An emcee with a “soul of a rebel”. A “dean” of multi-syllabic rhyming. That’s who Aero, Marquiss, and PhD are. Each has their own unique style. Imagine how they talked about having the same musical influences. Now imagine putting it all together in one group. Imagine them having fun in the studio. Imagine them testing each other’s lyrical abilities as they wrote their songs on the spot. Only one answer: Golden age music. ‘Nuff said.

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