Aug 10, 2008

Turbulent R & R

Mark playin ball

One of the rooms in chrizo's house
Turbulence fam, along with A.N.E. and Ron Thug went to Chrizo's Cavite rest house for team building and a li'l bit of R&R yesterday. Chrizo showed us the his brother's StarWars room, which may I say is the biggest collection of StarWars memorabilia I've ever seen. After that I watched my boy Mark play 6 half court basketball games with the boys. It took like 2 hours for them to finish and when they finally did Mark and I played a game of billiards. I then cooked pasta for the bunch. Oh, and my boy did some help with the chopping, hehe. Dinner turned out well. Then, being that it was team building that we came for, TanTan talked about vision and how important it is for the team and as an individual. We went home after that. Everyone else stayed for another day. The experience was fun. We enjoyed and at the same time we learned. Maybe next time we could stay longer.

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