Jul 30, 2008

Death is certain, Life is not...

Recently got me a copy of OZ, an HBO TV series that came out in 1997.
At first I was comparing it to my favorite TV series ever, THE WIRE because it had the same feel to it but i realized it wasn't as real. Its not as grimy as i want it to be but it kinda grew on me... with the help of some familiar faces like J.D. Williams, Frankie R. Faison & Edie Falco.

OZ is short for Oswald Maximum Security Correctional Facility. Its where Tim McManus handles an experimental unit called Emerald City where the Italians, gangsters, homeboys, Muslims, Irish, Latinos, the Gays and the Brotherhood try to make it out the prison in one piece... hopefully. Narrated by the wheelchair-bound Augustus Hill, its funny, exciting and at often times just plain shocking.

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